“Spirit Release Therapy, is a clinical alternative to religious exorcism and traditional shamanistic practice, but it is still largely unknown by mainstream medical practice and psychiatry.  This is due to several interrelated factors. Primarily, materialistic science does not recognise any concept of a spirit world and doctors are therefore not yet trained in SRT principles and techniques.  The presenting symptoms of spirit influence, such as hearing voices and other distressing phenomena, are interpreted by medicine as symptoms of psychosis or dissociative identity disorder (DID) formerly known as multiple personality disorder (MPD).  Negative spirit influence is therefore treated by psychiatry with chemical medicines that are used to try to suppress the symptoms. If the cause of a person’s presenting symptoms is known to be spirit influence then the appropriate therapeutic intervention would be Spirit Release Therapy (SRT).  Follow this link for an entry in the Society for Psychical Research online encyclopedia on Spirit Release Therapy.


- Dr Terence Palmer


I was guided to learn SRT after having sought advice and SRT myself from the UK’s leading academic on the subject, Dr Terence Palmer.


Often people who are seeing or hearing things which cannot be properly explained by Science feel a tremendous amount of apprehension in discussing their concerns or seeking support from the relevant professionals.

Such experiences are often dismissed as overactive imaginations or symptoms of underlying conditions. In extreme cases, patients are diagnosed as Schizophrenic, Psychotic or mentally unstable.


I am always intrigued that whilst most people claim not to believe in negative entities, ghosts, spirits or hauntings, most adults can describe at least one time in their life where they felt, saw or heard an unusual or uncomfortable presence. This can be very distressing, particularly in cases where these experiences are constant or present in our homes. These can include, but are not limited to -


  • Hearing Voices and/or unpleasant or intrusive thoughts

  • Curses or Hexes

  • Possession resulting in unwanted behaviours (including drug/alcohol addiction and/or violence)

  • Seeing/Feeling negative presence about a person or their home

  • Sudden onset of Anxiety or Depression which does not seem related to your present circumstances or conditions

SRT is administered remotely. That is to say there is no need to visit me. I will connect to your etheric field from a distance and review your spiritual well being, removing anything negative that does not serve you.


I trained and received my qualifications in SRT under the careful guidance of Dr Terence Palmer, arguably the most experienced in this field.


SRT is charged at £100, you will receive a detailed report of my findings via email after the treatment.

To Book your SRT, please complete the form below and pay to reserve your appointment. I aim to complete the treatment within 2-5 days of receiving your payment. If your case is urgent, please contact me directly to check availability.

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“I referred my son to Charlotte as he had started behaving very strangely and complained that he heard voices instructing him to act in certain, largely negative and destructive, ways.


This was very out of character for him, I initially put it down to stress as he was doing his mock exams at the time, but it didn’t pass.


A friend suggested I speak to Charlotte and despite my having no belief whatsoever in the very idea of spirit possession, I was desperate and thought it might be worth a go.


I have no idea what Charlotte did, but my son improved overnight. The voices stopped and I am just grateful that we managed to get this sorted ahead of his real exams this summer.”

Janice L | Hertfordshire, UK.