Past life regressions provide the opportunity to discover who you may have been in a previous incarnation. Learning about your past lives may help reveal information that allows you to heal issues or discover new purpose in your current life. During the process you may:

  • Discover the source of fears and phobias

  • Discover the source of physical ailments

  • Learn about your karmic path with people who have been with you through multiple lifetimes

  • Find the source of attachments to people, places, or objects

  • Learn more about your soul's path


Sessions are 2-3 hours and take place at my home in Ware, Hertfordshire. I do not offer past life regression to people under the age of 21.

Past Life Regression £250 

I first became interested in Past Life Regression after seeing Dr Brian Weiss, a highly acclaimed Psychiatrist and published author on the subject, at a conference in London. I later sought to have this treatment myself and found it to be an incredible and life changing experience. It allowed me to have a much greater understanding of the close and familial relationships in my life and this learning brought me so much healing and peace that I was compelled to train as a hypnotherapist, so that I could help others connect with this powerful experience.