Hi, I'm Charlotte

I am a mother of 4 living in Hertfordshire UK.


As a child I was always inspired and intrigued by all things magical and spiritual, though due to being ridiculed and mocked in my teens, it was some years before I had the confidence to acknowledge and explore my spiritual leanings. Whilst I read tarot for myself and friends for many years and studied many psychic, psychological and spiritual practices, it was not until my 30’s that I experienced a powerful spiritual awakening that lead me to apply my learning and develop my career in this field.


I am now a qualified hypnotherapist, mindfulness and meditation teacher to individuals, businesses and schools, Reiki Master and Teacher, Crystal Healer and Tarot Reader. I recently qualified as a Spirit Release Therapist with Dr Terence Palmer, the UK’s leading academic in the Science of Spirit Possession. I also offer Personal Transformation Guidance, which supports you in exploring your own spiritual capabilities with a view to transforming your life from one that is lacking to one that is abundant.


I am fascinated by the complexities of individual cases and devoted to helping people find their happy place and make better decisions that lead to a calmer and more fulfilling life.

I offer a range of services through which you can find greater health and peace of mind, which you can explore on this website using the menu bar at the top of this page.


I understand that those who are most in need of my services often are those who can least afford them. A good percentage of my income from full paying clients goes towards subsidising those in need who cannot afford to pay for treatments in full themselves.


I dedicate a lot of my time to working with young, disadvantaged or homeless children, particularly with Mindfulness and Meditation, your custom goes a long way to supporting them.


Thank you!



"My daughter (aged 8) suffered with poor concentration and anxiety, which was disrupting her classmates and driving her teacher a bit mad, as well as holding her back with her learning. She was so difficult at home too and the whole family was miserable about the constant meltdowns.


I wasn't expecting much, because we had already tried so many different things and I was sure my daughter wouldn't even be able to sit still long enough to meditate at all, but I was so wrong! After just 2 sessions my daughter has learned how to calm herself down and meditate on her own and she absolutely loves it.

The difference in her has been noticed at school and at home we are now enjoying peaceful family time at last, my daughter has taught both her siblings how to meditate too and it melts my heart to watch them doing this together, when previously they could barely be in the same room as one another without chaos descending.

My relief is overwhelming, I am just so glad that my daughter has found her happy place and we both look forward to more sessions with Charlotte. I cannot recommend this enough, it should be taught to every child!”

SF | Hertfordshire